Technical Questions

  • Who will be our main point of contact about the site during the project?
    • Why we ask: We like to know who we should be contacting for the majority of the project. While we appreciate feedback from all levels of an organization, when a deadline is looming and we need a final call on a certain feature or question, it's nice to have a singular source to speak to.
  • Who will update the site after it launches?
    • Why we ask: You may have heard the term "content is king" regarding websites. Keeping a website updated with fresh content, whether that's blog posts, new products, or fresh images, is a vital part of keeping your brand relevant. We can help out with content entry, but we always encourage our clients to be actively involved in managing their site content.
  • What is your website domain?
    • Why we ask: We'll need this information to launch your site. If a client doesn't have a domain registered yet, our team is happy to assist with the registration process.
  • How do you want to host your website?
    • Why we ask: If the domain is the address number, the host is the physical "home" that exists at that address. Some clients prefer to use their own hosting, but Next Level Development also offers hosting if needed.
  • Do you need any third party integrations?
    • Why we ask: There are a number of third party solutions that our clients may use in their day to day business that they'd like to integrate into their website. Some examples include: payment processing via shopify/square/etc, mailchimp newsletter, instagram feeds, etc. Our team has experience with seamlessly integrating many of them.
  • Do you have site analytics set up that we can review?
    • Why we ask: For clients who are updating a pre-existing site, they may have an analytics tracker installed. These services help paint a picture of how people use the site, showing us information like "most popular pages" or "pages users clicked away from". This kind of data can give us valuable insight on what we need to keep the same or what we can improve.

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