Ways We Work

Next Level Development is your partner in problem-solving through better technology. We are 20-something strong multi-disciplinary team with over a quarter-century experience in software development. Our team has everything from end-user experience designers to programmers to product managers and even helpdesk & product support engineers.

We're mostly focused mainly on using website and app development to help our clients build better bridges to their customers, but our we have the capabilities to integrate systems across your organization.

Are you programmers for hire?

Which is better: Hiring a contractor to do a job, or investing in a partner with a problem-solver mindset to see a job through to completion?

We are problem-solvers and we align ourselves with your business interests. While our storied work history has taken us to notable projects with Fortune 1000 companies, and we are responsible for patented technology, most of our clients employ less than 300 staff. We think End-to-End about the problems our clients face, and we work diligently fiercely protecting our clients' interests. It is therefor no surprise we have one of the lowest rates of client turnover in the industry.

Maintainability, security and durability are always top priority for us when helping a client plan their work.

What does working together look like?

When you hire us, you "hire us" -- we want to go native inside your business! Teach us everything we need to know to really understand your business, your customers, and your workflow. That's what we mean when we say we want to help you manage the product. At the same time, we want you to start thinking about your work as an investment. A website for your business looks less like you're buying an ad and more like a brick-and-mortar store front in the modern world. We find ways to leverage technology to do business better.

We're already experts in your commerce platform

In addition to being Shopify certified, we also have experience with Drupal Commerce, and many other commerce platforms. We have setup EDI integrations with Walmart, Amazon and even US Federal Government procurement systems. We understand Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance requirements and we understand specific compliance requirements your insurance company may require to cover your business. Are you ready if your startup takes off and you need to scale 10x? You can be, with our guidance.

Industries Served

Over the years, we have developed insights into a number of unique industries via dozens of projects.







Don't see your industry? We're always happy to expand our knowledge!

Tools of the Trade

We love technology, and we love the new capabilities that every generation of technology can bring to our clients. Can't keep up with the latest? Not a problem; we'll do that for you. And when we work to understand what your pain points are, we'll know something that can help you when we see it.

We like to work with 'open source' tools when possible. Maybe you have specific needs, and that's where you'd prefer to start the conversation. Open source tools are freely available and can be tailored to unique needs. They are also highly adaptable over time, allowing for easier growth.


User-friendly content management


Optimized load times for improved SEO


Framework for quick and simple responsive design


Scripting language for all purpose web development

Mobile websites, sure. But what about Apps?

Apple's current spat with the European Union not withstanding, we think Progressive Web Apps and cross-platform web development deployed like native apps, with tools like React Native & Flutter, are a better fit for 99% of projects than native Swift & Swift UI development. Have questions about that? Reach out; Let's chat.

We also have experience with:

EDI Processing (EDI 850, 860; SAP Integration) | AngularJS | GraphQL | Shopify | Squarespace | Cordova | React Native | Python | Django | AWS | Adobe Creative Suite | InVision | Procreate

Unique Services

Raffle Ticket Software

NLD has created a simple ticketing system that can work for your company or charity group's raffle.

Tour Scheduling Systems

NLD has created custom tour scheduling for clients like Toyota and Buffalo Trace.

Online Quizzes & Schooling

NLD has unique experience with online schooling for a variety of subjects; from traffic laws to addiction programs.