The second part of our client questionaire is about the design portion of a project. This section deals with all things "look and feel", from logos to photography to copy.

Design Questions

  • Do you have a logo or other branding materials?
    • Why we ask: If your company has a pre-existing logo, or other branding material, we'll need a copy of that in a vector format so we can use it when designing your project. Knowing what fonts and colors you're already using can be a great starting point. That being said: if you don't have any branding, no worries: Next Level Development also has a designer on staff who can help.
  • Do you have photography?
    • Why we ask: Whenever a client's budget affords it, we love to work with high quality photography. Large, clear images can make the difference in user perception of your brand; and having photos early in the project allows us to design around them so they're showcased efficiently. We can work with a client's preferred photographer, but we also have a number of local photographers we're happy to recommend on request.
  • Do you have content prepared/who will be writing your copy?
    • Why we ask: Next Level Development does not provide copy writing services; so we like to set expectations early about who will be filling out the site with content. If necessary, we help clients find a local copywriter to work with.
  • Who are some competitors in your field? What do they do well? What are they missing that your business does better?
    • Why we ask: We ask this question to gain insight into the client's industry. Knowing what the client's competitors do helps us identify ways to differentiate them in the field.
  • Who are some exemplars you enjoy or dislike?
    • Do you have any websites / general design trends you do like?
    • Do you have any websites / general design trends you don't like?
    • Additionally:
      • We will often ask a prospective client WHY they think a site works or doesn't work. This is a vital step to help us get a feel for what the client is looking for.
      • Exemplars do not have to be from the same industry as the client! Obviously this is helpful, but sometimes getting an idea of the client's aesthetic tastes from outside their niche can be useful too.

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